Mpho's incredible journey

Healing rooms on Saturday was an incredible time for Eric and Mpho and for me too.


Just to give you some background on the situation with Mpho – he has been in a rehabilitation centre since mid-October and was discharged 2 weeks ago as there was nothing more the centre could do for him. Upon leaving Joburg Gen in October, Mpho’s joints in limbs were stiff to the point that if you tried to open or bend them, it sounded as though his bones were cracking – it was almost impossible to ‘unbend’ them. This stiffness is an indication of the severity of his brain injuries. His joints were so stiff that his arms were crossed over his chest and his wrists were ‘spastic’ (for want of a better word).


The rehabilitation centre, although government, did a great work physically with him through OT, Physio and Speech therapy. Coming out the rehab a few weeks ago his joints were much more loose, he put on a lot of weight and, despite his severe brain damage, he is alert and ‘awake’ which is incredible in itself. He is able to decipher noise/voices and tries to look around to find where its coming from. He often cried when I would read him stories and I am almost certain he was trying to smile a few times. He cannot walk or talk and is fed a nourishing ‘milkshake’ intravenously.


At the healing rooms there was such hope for the future of Mpho and all that we have to look forward to for him. After praying and declaring heaven on earth, Hedalyn asked Mpho to move his right leg. He flexed his right foot and toes and move his leg out to the right and then back again. When we declared movement in his limbs he was moving his right arm and shoulder. Neither of which were possible before. The fact that he was even able to articulate the instruction and obey is incredible. The intricate link between the brain and the body is fascinating, brain injuries require bodily exercise to encourage activity within the brain. Instead of the brain healing the body, the brain relies on movement and exercise of the body to send signals back to the brain which spark increased brain activity. His body moving is really a miracle! I felt such a joy in him, he was ‘smiling’ the entire time and had wet eyes from tears.


Hedalyn confirmed many things I have been feeling both for Mpho and for Eric – which I kept to myself thinking it was just ‘wishful thinking’. I believe that God is using this time to minister to Mpho and depart His plans and purpose for Mpho once his body has healed. For me, Eric’s love and devotion to Mpho resembles that of God for His children. Such unconditional love, devotion, care and sacrifice for his boy mirrors the love God has for us. It has taught me so much. Eric has barely worked for the past 6 months as he has been by his boy’s bedside and travelling between eastgate and Pretoria to visit Mpho in rehab. He is now not working at all but looking after Mpho full-time as he has no one to look after his boy. I am going to look for care places for him as this is not a sustainable solution.


He says Mpho’s progress has been amazing since Saturday and I look forward to seeing it myself. I will be bringing him back until he is healed completely.


This has been an incredible journey for me and has taught me so much and which I feel others can be encouraged by too. It has taught me to always obey where God calls me, but also to be open to what He is trying to teach me. I came in wanting Mpho to be healed on day 1 and came away almost disillusioned by the 4th month that he was still in such a bad state. God has given me so much perspective on healing. We place so much focus on the physical body, assuming a miracle would only take place once he is able to walk and talk again. God is bigger than this – of course He would heal Mpho’s body – but He is sovereign and had more in mind than this. Mpho’s spirit is alive and well and I and some of my friends have spent the past few months blessing his spirit, declaring the truth God has for him deep into his spirit. If we are to be led by the spirit first and body last, he is well on his way to recovery! Besides this, I needed to understand that the body is not everything. Our bodies last maximum 90 years but our spirit and soul forever. God has been working on these two more important things in Mpho and everyone else who has been involved. He has used this time to reveal more of His character, more of His goodness, faithfulness, commitment to us and provision. Eric has gone through ‘hell’ the past few months and yet he is victorious. He continues to inspire me and others by his complete belief in God’s faithfulness and plans. It took this journey to cut down my pride and belief that I can do anything in my own strength. It has taught me that because I don’t know everything I can only trust in God’s plans because he DOES know everything. Time does not limit God or His plans  - just because Mpho cannot walk or taught yet doesn’t mean the time for healing is ‘over’, if anything it just means God is not finished doing His work yet. Eric constantly reminds me of the story of Lazarus who had been dead 4 days already.


Mpho’s story has touched so many people’s lives and the journey he and Eric have had to go through will add to the authenticity of their testimony when Mpho is physically healed. It will contribute to the authority they have in their ministry for the Lord – I am certain of this. This story has inspired people of faith to push harder and deeper into the things of God – that He is a REAL God that is after more than just ‘doing church’. And even if it takes the next 20 years until Mpho is physically healed I have complete trust in God’s sovereignty and His good plans for Mpho and Eric. Something I never would have fully comprehended 6 months ago.


Basically, I see Mpho healed 100%. His story will lead so many to the Lord. I cant wait until that day but until then I am trusting God’s process and the journey He is taking us all on.


Central Parks is doing amazing things and truly is ‘going after the heart and things of God’. I hope this good news is an encouragement to you and the rest of the church – especially those going through tough times!

- Jayde Alexander

Something has shifted
I wanted to share this as it is always amazing how the Lord works. I have not worked for the last year. I was really in a bad place but I am so happy that I have come to Central Parks.
On Sunday you asked people to pray for people that did not have jobs. I bravely put up my hand.
My friend had done a 40 day fast where she felt that she had to give up on all sweet things so that I could experience His sweetness. It was really a very tough fast for her, she also got Ezekiel 36 for me to pray. I prayed it each day for the 40 days and still pray it at least 3-4 times a week.
As soon as she started her fast, my mood suddenly got noticeably better. I still had some off days but it was amazing as I just knew that it was the Lord. My doctor has been trying all different medications over the last 18 months as I just could not get out of the depression, in the week that my friend started as I said my mood improved and the doctor stopped changing my medication and he has kept is as is for the last three visits. I was seeing him every week and now I only need to see him once a month. I can’t tell you how this has made me feel. I have literally tried so many medications and combinations. For the last 10 years I have taken a sleeping pill each night, the doctor has still prescribed them for my, but wanted to break this cycle. I have now gone two weeks with out a sleeping table!
Last Thursday, I had an interview with a recruitment agency that was looking for a MD for a business unit. My friend and I had been praying that I could find a job especially since I was now feeling better. The interview went well and so I forwarded the job description to her so she could also pray more specifically for the job.
On the Friday, she phoned me all excited and she had received a verse from the Lord and it basically said “ it will come to pass”. She was very excited as she felt this was the answer to our prayers. While I was on the phone with her I could hear there was another call, I glanced at it but it was a number I did not recognise. When I finished my call to my friend, I checked my messages and it was the lady from the recruitment company saying that the company wants to interview me. It was quite unbelievable as this has never happened before when someone acts so quickly and also it happened while my friend was sharing her scripture with me. When I spoke to the consultant she asked if I can come for the interview with the company today (Tuesday), which again was quite amazing as it normally takes a few weeks to get the interview.
So when you asked people to pray for those who did not have jobs, I was just amazed by the way all the things fitted together and so quickly. I had the interview today, and I had such a calmness about the interview and it went very well and I am going to go for third interview shortly. The interview was amazing as I really clicked with the lady.
I have already had the personal consultant asking for information. The speed at which everything has gone is so different to all the processes I have experienced over the last year.
I was to shy to stand up and tell the church, I was also doubting, even though I had seen all the signs .
It has been truly amazing to see how the Lord has worked. 
I know that me finding City Parks as my new church has started the process and I was really lost before and it took a lot of courage to ask my other friend if I could come to church with him. I am really glad. So that’s what I wanted to share, I hope I get the job but I am now quietly confident that I will.
So Grant thank you I feel so much better now that I have a spiritual home.
The Girl on Campus

On Tuesday I was on campus studying and I saw a girl walking with crutches. I felt to go pray for her but I was going to be writing an exam this week so I was like "Papa, I have to study" & I was trying to make up excuses about not having time (how silly! as if praying would take that long). Anyway, I continued studying and she left. A few hours later, the very same girl came back to the area where I was studying and I knew this was my chance (thank God He is a God of second chances!). I ran up to her & asked if I could pray. She gladly accepted. I asked her if she was in any pain at the moment. She said she was. So I started declaring for the pain to go  & for her to be completely healed. My eyes were closed so when I opened them I saw that she was crying. Papa was just comforting her with His love. Started declaring truth over her. It was just an amazing Presence. She had had a knee op the month before & this is why she was in crutches & she said it was just not getting better. So prayed again for her knee & she said the pain subsided from 10 to 8. I wanted the pain to completely go but Papa is faithful! I pray that the next time I see her on campus she will be running! yes!

- Monique Dobe

Lame Limbs to LIVELY Limbs,
We went out to Helen Joseph Hospital on Monday 20 July 2014 to pray for the sick and there was this lady called Xola who had a stroke on the Friday evening. She was unable to move left arm which had been left completely lame after her stroke. Peta and I started praying and basically just started to release healing and life and commanding full use of her arm to be restored in Jesus name. After we prayed, we asked how she was feeling to which she responded "I'm better thanks", she then continued to use her arms to move her body to sit upright in her hospital bed. I then got very excited as I saw her using the arm we had just prayed for. I almost stopped her half way asking her what she was feeling as she was now using the previously lame arm. We asked her to lift her arm, move it, open and close her hands to which she continued to do as we had asked - SHE HAD FULL MOBILITY of her arm!!!  I don't quite think that Xola processed the healing she had just received (she was left almost dumbfounded - as we sometimes are when we witness a miracle) , but be that as I may, we saw God heal her! Incredible!

We even checked and asked the nurses around her who confirmed that she was indeed much better.

Praise God! He is always in the mood to heal! He is such a good Dad!!!

- By Hedalyn van Wyk 
Jolly Hopping James on the Stairs at Helen Joseph Hospital
Before we went up to the ward, I felt that today we were going to be praying for a man, but I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen, given that as ladies, we visit the ladies’ ward!


But on the way back downstairs after a special time of praying for several ladies in the ward, we passed a humble older little man, struggling to walk down the stairs, and I really just felt so sorry for him seeing him battle. I stopped to ask him about it, and he indicated beneath his feet where he was obviously in huge pain or discomfort. His name was James, and he had twinkly eyes which he closed in prayer when I started to pray for him.  After asking the Lord to heal his feet, he continued to try and walk down the stairs, still uncomfortable, so I just carried on asking. The next thing Hedalyn hooked arms with him and bopped him down the rest of the stairs with her! He was smiling and enjoying it - and maybe he was caught up in the moment, but he seemed to be walking on those feet a whole lot better than he had been on the staircase! All glory to God for continued and complete healing of precious James. Seeing him struggling like that gave me a glimpse of how compassionately God loves just absolutely everyone.

- By Peta Collier
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