Johannesburg Central Prison Testimony
I had the opportunity to testify in Johannesburg, Central prison for women (ronically nicknamed – Sun City). It houses 1000 women and 46 babies. It is very difficult to get permission to enter, but by God's grace, my sister and her husband, who started a group called “Shockwave”,got invited to deliver a drama with song and dance. They enacted a prisoner who feels angry and alone, but eventually meets Jesus through the guidance of a fellow prisoner. Afterwards, my role was to connect with them from a physically “imprisoned” perspective. I knew God wanted them to know that He does not condemn them, but that He loves them and is waiting for them.


While we were setting up, I chatted to a lovely girl who I perceived to be a staff member. She impressed me so much that I asked her what her job was. It turn out that she was in the top ranks of the Satanists and was a very successful serial killer. It was a great triumph for the police when they caught her, because she killed since she was 16 years old. She is in prison for 4 years now and loves Jesus. What a testimony for the Kingdom of God.


The play was amazing – they sat riveted – they lived and knew all of it so well; when she gave her heart to Jesus, “He” came and walked among the prisoners with a beautiful smile and a soft expression. That was the highlight. They cheered like children for their hero!


All of them were desperate for God. Some knew Him, but did not have joy; others knew of Him, but have never entered in, and feel so condemned, that they were scared to open up and make themselves vulnerable; others sought to hide behind defiance and were as loud, disruptive and rude as they could be – Satanists, sangomas and aggressive lesbians groups – but they too were desperate.


I sensed God prompting me to tell them how He sees them and feels about them and to tell them  of my sufferings and make sure they understood that it was not an easy life style, but that the choice to walk without Jesus or be in a wheelchair with Jesus, an easy choice for me – a thousand times over, I would choose to be with Jesus even with physical pain.


Linda, my sister and I used to sing together on stages, before I had my accident – I told the prisoners that God chose the prison to be the first stage I shared with her after 25 years! Previously I sang songs to large audiences to entertain, but now I have only one agenda: to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many prisoners broke down when I drew a similarity between my situation and God the Father : when Jamesie was a tiny baby, he would fall and cry; I would  call to him:”Come to Mommy!!”, but he wouldn't come and anyone else picking him up would comfort him. So too, they “fell” and took comfort in drugs, etc. despite God's call. But He never gives up and keep on calling.


When I asked who wanted to give their hearts to God, 53 women came forward. Some ran... after the sinner's prayer – we asked God to baptise them in the Holy Spirit and rapidly increase the growth of the fruit of the Spirit.


And then I invited them to come and feel God's love by hugging me.( All of us were so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit from the moment we entered the concrete court yard, where there is nothing , but 3 stories high of concrete wall)...........it was effortless, I never got tired. They stood in queues. I hugged and kissed with all the love and hope of Jesus that I could muster to transfer to these shattered souls. My heart broke when one frail, grey, very old Afrikaans lady greeted me and said with tears streaming down her face: “I hope we'll  see each other in heaven one day.”

- By Mari Nell
A painful back gets healed
by Grant Flaum

One of our leaders was dropped off at the hall on Sunday by a friend. I asked him why he didn't drive himself to the meeting.  He told me he had been house bound all week as his lower back was in spasm. It was too painful for him to sit in an office chair. Too painful for him to drive a car. Too painful to do anything. This being after a full week of late nights at the office where he probably did all the damage.

Jan Albert, Derick and myself saw him limping after the meeting and asked if we could pray for him. It was difficult for him to gauge his pain levels at the time we prayed for him as he was wearing a 'Transact patch'. We prayed and he could feel a slight improvement. We carried on praying. More movement in his back. Still not 100%.

The next day I thought to whatsapp him to see how he was doing.

This was his reply and I quote:
"Amazing improvement. 90% better. Just a small irritation where there was a lot of pain. Thanks for your prayers."

Praise be to God!!

Presence beyond the bananas
On the weekend of the 20th of June we had the incredible honour of walking the streets with Bob Johnson (brother of Bill Johnson, senior leader of Bethel church) as an outreach activation. The whole objective was not necessarily to get the entire neighbourhood saved and delivered, but rather to find “the one” that God highlighted.


As we got to Windsor we split up into various teams. JuanRoux, Lisa Marie, Jan Albert and myself were in a team. We started walking and JuanRoux pretty much immediately found the one God highlighted to him. JuanRoux felt led by the Holy Spirit to show practical love to this gentleman, so he grabbed a rake and started helping him to rake up the leaves – What a glorious picture it was to see!! The rest of us continued walking and found a gentleman who mentioned he had pain in his lower back, we prayed over him and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus' name, and it did! Praise God.


But Holy Spirit wasn’t done (He never is)… we continued walking and Jan Albert spotted a gentlemen washing his car. Jan Albert 'crossed the chicken line' and went up to this gentleman washing his car and introduced himself. The gentleman confirmed he was a Christian.  We asked if we could pray over him and he eagerly responded with a big YES. We prayed over him and we all got a word of encouragement for him and started prophesying over him. It was beautiful as every word resonated with his spirit and the dreams in his heart. He was so blessed by the love of the Father that he invited us into his home to meet his family. WHAT AN HONOUR! We went inside and met his mother, sister and her 4 children. We had the honour of praying over each and every single one them with words of encouragement to follow. 


The part that struck me to me to my core was when the mother said that just the day before she had a vision of a tree filled with bananas that she was unable to see anything else (as if she had a blocked vision), and in the space of not being able to see anything she felt her spirit cry out to God to just feel his presence, to just know His love and with that all the bananas moved out the way and suddenly she could see the Cross and felt the sun shine through  on the skin of her cheeks – representing His love and presence. She became slightly emotional as she said us coming into their house and blessing them with the love of Father God was an answer to her vision and the cry of her spirit. Knowing that He KNOWS them. That He SEES them and that He LOVES them.


Pappa’s love never fails!


We all left knowing it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Him working through us. Holy Spirit is faithful in His pursuit to love everyone. We simply get to 'cross the chicken line' and partner with Him. No pressure to work, or to persuade, or to lead someone in the sinners prayer. No, God simply wants us to love on people and see His power and kingdom work right in front of our eyes!




By Hedalyn van Wyk
Peaceful Sleep at Helen Joseph
by Hedalyn van Wyk

On Monday 22 June 2015 Peta Collier and myself had the opportunity to go to Helen Joseph Hospital and had the
privilege of praying with the sick.  We saw the hand of God move in a beautiful way as we prayed over the patients and each one got radically touched by the Love of the Father, but one particular lady stood out.

Peta had recognized her from praying with her 4 weeks ago for the asthma in her chest and what was amazing about it is that after they prayed for her the first time, she actually left the hospital to go home feeling so much better (which truly is a testimony in its own).

But on Friday she had another asthma attack and ended up back at Helen Joseph. When we met her, she was red in her face with lack of oxygen – we started praying over her releasing new breath and life into her lungs and progressively her colour started to come back. Which was incredible…but as we continued to pray and release life, Holy Spirit showed us that He was busy cleaning up her bedroom making it a room of peace and setting the atmosphere free of any stress and anxiety and immediately her entire countenance lit up. She confirmed that she felt fine at home but generally when she would walk into her room or go to sleep she would feel the anxiety creep in and that is when she would have these asthma attacks. We continued to pray and bless her room, commanding all anxiety and stress to leave and declaring the FULL life, love and peace to be restored. We encouraged her to go home and take communion in her room declaring it to be a space where only God and His goodness dwells. HE HAS DONE IT ALL – WE REST IN HIM.

What left me so humbled was the fact that we had no idea to pray for her room, but Holy Spirit did. And in working through us, He was able to connect with heart and let her know that she was fully covered. Yay Holy Spirit! Your attention to detail never fails! All Glory to you, Father!
A lady healed at our first healing room
We launched our healing rooms on Saturday 6 June at The Wesleyan Church in Craighall Park. The very first lady to come to the rooms to be prayed for that afternoon was a middle aged lady, a friend of one of our congregants.

She came to the rooms slightly anxious and unable to see clealry. She had been suffering from a debilitating disease called Lupus which had impaired her vision for a number of years. 

She had to be led by hand up the ramp to the rooms by two of our volunteers. She told the team her story and after an accurate prophetic word we started to pray for her. Not long into the time of prayer she started giving feedback that she had in fact been healed. Not completely healed but she could now at least see detail she had never been able to see.

She left the rooms without assistance and much joy. When driving home she told her friend how she could now see buildings and trees and a host of other images.

Praise God for this first (of many) miracles in the healing rooms!

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