Something has shifted
I wanted to share this as it is always amazing how the Lord works. I have not worked for the last year. I was really in a bad place but I am so happy that I have come to Central Parks.
On Sunday you asked people to pray for people that did not have jobs. I bravely put up my hand.
My friend had done a 40 day fast where she felt that she had to give up on all sweet things so that I could experience His sweetness. It was really a very tough fast for her, she also got Ezekiel 36 for me to pray. I prayed it each day for the 40 days and still pray it at least 3-4 times a week.
As soon as she started her fast, my mood suddenly got noticeably better. I still had some off days but it was amazing as I just knew that it was the Lord. My doctor has been trying all different medications over the last 18 months as I just could not get out of the depression, in the week that my friend started as I said my mood improved and the doctor stopped changing my medication and he has kept is as is for the last three visits. I was seeing him every week and now I only need to see him once a month. I can’t tell you how this has made me feel. I have literally tried so many medications and combinations. For the last 10 years I have taken a sleeping pill each night, the doctor has still prescribed them for my, but wanted to break this cycle. I have now gone two weeks with out a sleeping table!
Last Thursday, I had an interview with a recruitment agency that was looking for a MD for a business unit. My friend and I had been praying that I could find a job especially since I was now feeling better. The interview went well and so I forwarded the job description to her so she could also pray more specifically for the job.
On the Friday, she phoned me all excited and she had received a verse from the Lord and it basically said “ it will come to pass”. She was very excited as she felt this was the answer to our prayers. While I was on the phone with her I could hear there was another call, I glanced at it but it was a number I did not recognise. When I finished my call to my friend, I checked my messages and it was the lady from the recruitment company saying that the company wants to interview me. It was quite unbelievable as this has never happened before when someone acts so quickly and also it happened while my friend was sharing her scripture with me. When I spoke to the consultant she asked if I can come for the interview with the company today (Tuesday), which again was quite amazing as it normally takes a few weeks to get the interview.
So when you asked people to pray for those who did not have jobs, I was just amazed by the way all the things fitted together and so quickly. I had the interview today, and I had such a calmness about the interview and it went very well and I am going to go for third interview shortly. The interview was amazing as I really clicked with the lady.
I have already had the personal consultant asking for information. The speed at which everything has gone is so different to all the processes I have experienced over the last year.
I was to shy to stand up and tell the church, I was also doubting, even though I had seen all the signs .
It has been truly amazing to see how the Lord has worked. 
I know that me finding City Parks as my new church has started the process and I was really lost before and it took a lot of courage to ask my other friend if I could come to church with him. I am really glad. So that’s what I wanted to share, I hope I get the job but I am now quietly confident that I will.
So Grant thank you I feel so much better now that I have a spiritual home.