The Girl on Campus

On Tuesday I was on campus studying and I saw a girl walking with crutches. I felt to go pray for her but I was going to be writing an exam this week so I was like "Papa, I have to study" & I was trying to make up excuses about not having time (how silly! as if praying would take that long). Anyway, I continued studying and she left. A few hours later, the very same girl came back to the area where I was studying and I knew this was my chance (thank God He is a God of second chances!). I ran up to her & asked if I could pray. She gladly accepted. I asked her if she was in any pain at the moment. She said she was. So I started declaring for the pain to go  & for her to be completely healed. My eyes were closed so when I opened them I saw that she was crying. Papa was just comforting her with His love. Started declaring truth over her. It was just an amazing Presence. She had had a knee op the month before & this is why she was in crutches & she said it was just not getting better. So prayed again for her knee & she said the pain subsided from 10 to 8. I wanted the pain to completely go but Papa is faithful! I pray that the next time I see her on campus she will be running! yes!

- Monique Dobe