Lame Limbs to LIVELY Limbs,
We went out to Helen Joseph Hospital on Monday 20 July 2014 to pray for the sick and there was this lady called Xola who had a stroke on the Friday evening. She was unable to move left arm which had been left completely lame after her stroke. Peta and I started praying and basically just started to release healing and life and commanding full use of her arm to be restored in Jesus name. After we prayed, we asked how she was feeling to which she responded "I'm better thanks", she then continued to use her arms to move her body to sit upright in her hospital bed. I then got very excited as I saw her using the arm we had just prayed for. I almost stopped her half way asking her what she was feeling as she was now using the previously lame arm. We asked her to lift her arm, move it, open and close her hands to which she continued to do as we had asked - SHE HAD FULL MOBILITY of her arm!!!  I don't quite think that Xola processed the healing she had just received (she was left almost dumbfounded - as we sometimes are when we witness a miracle) , but be that as I may, we saw God heal her! Incredible!

We even checked and asked the nurses around her who confirmed that she was indeed much better.

Praise God! He is always in the mood to heal! He is such a good Dad!!!

- By Hedalyn van Wyk