A painful back gets healed
by Grant Flaum

One of our leaders was dropped off at the hall on Sunday by a friend. I asked him why he didn't drive himself to the meeting.  He told me he had been house bound all week as his lower back was in spasm. It was too painful for him to sit in an office chair. Too painful for him to drive a car. Too painful to do anything. This being after a full week of late nights at the office where he probably did all the damage.

Jan Albert, Derick and myself saw him limping after the meeting and asked if we could pray for him. It was difficult for him to gauge his pain levels at the time we prayed for him as he was wearing a 'Transact patch'. We prayed and he could feel a slight improvement. We carried on praying. More movement in his back. Still not 100%.

The next day I thought to whatsapp him to see how he was doing.

This was his reply and I quote:
"Amazing improvement. 90% better. Just a small irritation where there was a lot of pain. Thanks for your prayers."

Praise be to God!!