Presence beyond the bananas
On the weekend of the 20th of June we had the incredible honour of walking the streets with Bob Johnson (brother of Bill Johnson, senior leader of Bethel church) as an outreach activation. The whole objective was not necessarily to get the entire neighbourhood saved and delivered, but rather to find “the one” that God highlighted.


As we got to Windsor we split up into various teams. JuanRoux, Lisa Marie, Jan Albert and myself were in a team. We started walking and JuanRoux pretty much immediately found the one God highlighted to him. JuanRoux felt led by the Holy Spirit to show practical love to this gentleman, so he grabbed a rake and started helping him to rake up the leaves – What a glorious picture it was to see!! The rest of us continued walking and found a gentleman who mentioned he had pain in his lower back, we prayed over him and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus' name, and it did! Praise God.


But Holy Spirit wasn’t done (He never is)… we continued walking and Jan Albert spotted a gentlemen washing his car. Jan Albert 'crossed the chicken line' and went up to this gentleman washing his car and introduced himself. The gentleman confirmed he was a Christian.  We asked if we could pray over him and he eagerly responded with a big YES. We prayed over him and we all got a word of encouragement for him and started prophesying over him. It was beautiful as every word resonated with his spirit and the dreams in his heart. He was so blessed by the love of the Father that he invited us into his home to meet his family. WHAT AN HONOUR! We went inside and met his mother, sister and her 4 children. We had the honour of praying over each and every single one them with words of encouragement to follow. 


The part that struck me to me to my core was when the mother said that just the day before she had a vision of a tree filled with bananas that she was unable to see anything else (as if she had a blocked vision), and in the space of not being able to see anything she felt her spirit cry out to God to just feel his presence, to just know His love and with that all the bananas moved out the way and suddenly she could see the Cross and felt the sun shine through  on the skin of her cheeks – representing His love and presence. She became slightly emotional as she said us coming into their house and blessing them with the love of Father God was an answer to her vision and the cry of her spirit. Knowing that He KNOWS them. That He SEES them and that He LOVES them.


Pappa’s love never fails!


We all left knowing it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Him working through us. Holy Spirit is faithful in His pursuit to love everyone. We simply get to 'cross the chicken line' and partner with Him. No pressure to work, or to persuade, or to lead someone in the sinners prayer. No, God simply wants us to love on people and see His power and kingdom work right in front of our eyes!




By Hedalyn van Wyk