Peaceful Sleep at Helen Joseph
by Hedalyn van Wyk

On Monday 22 June 2015 Peta Collier and myself had the opportunity to go to Helen Joseph Hospital and had the
privilege of praying with the sick.  We saw the hand of God move in a beautiful way as we prayed over the patients and each one got radically touched by the Love of the Father, but one particular lady stood out.

Peta had recognized her from praying with her 4 weeks ago for the asthma in her chest and what was amazing about it is that after they prayed for her the first time, she actually left the hospital to go home feeling so much better (which truly is a testimony in its own).

But on Friday she had another asthma attack and ended up back at Helen Joseph. When we met her, she was red in her face with lack of oxygen – we started praying over her releasing new breath and life into her lungs and progressively her colour started to come back. Which was incredible…but as we continued to pray and release life, Holy Spirit showed us that He was busy cleaning up her bedroom making it a room of peace and setting the atmosphere free of any stress and anxiety and immediately her entire countenance lit up. She confirmed that she felt fine at home but generally when she would walk into her room or go to sleep she would feel the anxiety creep in and that is when she would have these asthma attacks. We continued to pray and bless her room, commanding all anxiety and stress to leave and declaring the FULL life, love and peace to be restored. We encouraged her to go home and take communion in her room declaring it to be a space where only God and His goodness dwells. HE HAS DONE IT ALL – WE REST IN HIM.

What left me so humbled was the fact that we had no idea to pray for her room, but Holy Spirit did. And in working through us, He was able to connect with heart and let her know that she was fully covered. Yay Holy Spirit! Your attention to detail never fails! All Glory to you, Father!