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how do we respond to death?
Lisa Flaum | 07 October 2014

How do we respond to death? To lives snatched violently and suddenly. This week within our community, both collectively and corporately we have lost two lives. Both with the name, Jennifer. Both died on the same afternoon. One was 55yrs and one 5/6yrs. Jennifer Butters was part of our community and Jennifer Field was part of our wider community. Both of them had so much life here on earth still to live.

Jennifer Butters was always full of life and passion and joy. Even when times were tough she could laugh and find the humor in things. Her death, like little Jennifer’s was unjust. A complete robbery.

They were a double robbery in the Parks. A double attack on the “fair one”. Jennifer means: “fair one”. I am not yet certain of the prophetic meaning but when something happens with similar names and numbers and on the same day, I listen up. Holy Spirit is weaving a message for us. And what I heard was this: There are principality assignments over regions in the world at the moment that are so wicked, the demonic realm thinks it has open door rights to take out the “fair ones”, the redeemed in other parts of the world. This is a serious matter. Like children ungoverned. Even usually “quiet” children will take advantage of anarchy. That is what has happened in the second realm.

How do we rise up at this time and meet our call to subdue the earth and bring chaos back to order? Put a stop to the wickedness?

We take control of our borders.


1000 prayers
Lisa Flaum | 01 October 2014
1000 Prayers is our exciting new initiative for the month of October.

Born out of a desire to see the supernatural manifest in healing across our community, we are determined to "tip over the bowls of incense."

In both Psalm 141:2 and Revelation 5:8 and 8:3 the word speaks about the prayers of the saints being like bowls of incense before the Lord. Only Jesus makes these prayers acceptable to the Father. He is our high priest who lives forever to intercede for us.

Many of the well-known healers of our day have remarked that they never saw any break through until they prayed for many many people. Todd White said he prayed for 1000 people before anyone got healed.

At Central Parks we are taking hold of this together.

amazing preach on the call of God
Grant Flaum | 26 August 2014
Listen to this amazing preach by Rory Dyer at the 'The Call' conference recently held at 3CI. What it takes to remain in the call of God for your life. Email me your thoughts on what he has to say This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Anonymous | 26 August 2014
For me it's really amazing how good the Lord is. That when we pull into community and pursue Him with an honest heart that He really just starts making things happen and tearing away our stuggles.
it took me 10 years to find this church
Elaine Dodge | 18 August 2014
It took me 10 years to find this church when I moved down from Zimbabwe. I was beginning to think I would never find a home but God was good and He led me to Central Parks! Whooohoo! The joy, generosity, care and love I found here is what church and family are all about! There's also the awesome praise and worship, inspired teaching and unashamed calling to a higher place, a holier life and a more intimate relationship with Jesus. It's exciting. I can't wait to be together with family every week! If you're not at Central Parks you're missing out big time. Love you guys. Thanks for everything.
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