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what on earth is our mission?
Nicole van Niekerk | 04 August 2014

We received a mandate 8 years ago to plant a church that would ‘take back the Parks’
Joshua 14:9: ‘…the land on which your foot has trodden shall be an inheritance for you and your children forever…’

Reminder of our prophetic words:

“You will know the times and seasons in this nation and you will respond with my heart; you will be a house from which my voice of healing and insight and wisdom will flourish; you will be a house of influence and reconciliation and healing to the broken hearted. I will take you to people in the commercial world, in public eye and you will network…”
- Marion Fitz-Gibbons, October 2012

“I saw you in the river with a long, thick rope. You were each on one side of the river with the rope between you. The rope was the Word and while you were walking up stream and carrying the rope, the rope was catching people being swept downstream away from the throne. The rope never got too overcrowded as the river would just get bigger, everyone was together heading toward the throne…”
- Elaine Dodge, July 2014

What do we mean by taking back the Parks?

testimonies from med school campus
Monique Dobe | 31 July 2014
Last week I was walking on campus and I passed a girl- she had her head down on a table. I had a thought that I should check if she's okay but dismissed it. I went on my way to do what I needed to do and passed her again on my way back, and again had the thought that I should maybe pray for her. I dismissed it again (how silly we are sometimes to ignore Holy Spirit's voice, yet He is still so patient with us :). I was almost on the other side of campus when I couldn't ignore Him any longer. I went back and asked the girl if she was okay. She said she had a major migraine so I asked if I could pray for her. She paused and I thought she was going to say no, but instead she started crying and told me how she couldn't believe it- just before I had come up to her she was praying for God to send her a sign that everything was going to be alright. She was supposed to have completed her degree that day but there was a delay in one of her subjects- her results said she had failed it but she knew that she couldn't have since she did so well in her other subjects. It's amazing that WE can be God's answer to someone's prayer! So we prayed and the next day she went to her faculty and they said that one of the students had been condoned. The name of the student wasn't revealed but they revealed the mark and it was her exact mark! So now we are just waiting for confirmation that it is her.

healing testimony from Sunday 6 July
Anonymous | 06 July 2014
My husband, children  and I visited you for the first time this past Sunday morning and we thoroughly enjoyed your service. Our 2 girls had been sick, the eldest with bronchitis and the youngest with ear infection - she was on her 3rd lot of antibiotics to try and clear the infection and the doctors had advised me that an ENT would be the next step if the infection hadn't cleared, and I really did not want to go that route because it would probably mean grommets, which meant anaesthesia.

As I walked into the service on Sunday morning, I strongly felt the presence of God and the first thing that crossed my mind is that there is healing in the presence of the Lord. I spoke these words to Him. After worship, my husband went out with our girls to children's church and during the time of prayer for healing, I stood in the gap for our girls and trusted the Lord for healing. On Monday night at bedtime, I again prayed with them for their healing. We had a follow up doctor's appointment on Tuesday, where I was to get the referral for the ENT.

On Tuesday morning, we went back to the doctor - she checked my daughters ear and could not believe the difference - there was no redness at all and no sign of infection! She couldn't believe it was the same ear she had checked only a few days before. At the same time I asked her to check my other daughter and her chest had completely cleared - no sign of bronchitis!

I thank the Lord for His healing and His goodness! I am so grateful unto Him for the work He has done in their lives. This has definitely increased their faith in Him, as well as mine.
50 feet higher course - a journey of awakening and perceiving
Nicole van Niekerk | 07 July 2014
50 feet higher flyer

Lisa Flaum will be hosting a new course starting in September titled "50 feet higher - a journey of awakening and perceiving"

Starting Thursday 4th September - Saturday 6th September

Online bookings click here! or email Nicole to book your spot This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Only 50 spots available so hurry to avoid disappointment!!!
testimony - Hillbrow outreach
Alexandra Caldow | 23 June 2014
What a splendid evening we had together! Late, but splendid :-) At -1 Degrees Celsius and not enough vests and jackets on, we ventured into the alleyways of Hillbrow to get to know the one’s whom He created and spoke His love over who had made their homes in the darkness of the streets. Armed with a car load of pap & sauce, we emptied the vehicles and spread our smiles across the alleyway being met with an equally, if not bigger, smile from Muthle, Tshepo, Lucky, Themba, Michael and Jabulani (just to name a few). No sooner had we dished up food for our new friends and some for ourselves that I hear Lucky saying, "Alexandra, next time you come you must cook! And if you do I will not eat the WHOLE day so I can eat a-lot-a-lot of your food, neh?” Laughter breaks out. I say, "Lucky, I promise you you don’t want me to cook for you my friend." He smiles, a smile that says, "It's not about the food, it’s about you coming back again that I’m really trying to make happen."
With Juanroux and Lisa getting the pack of us organized (good job there guys), we set out to connect with these people and let love look like something. It touched me to hear Jabulani say once I had finished my plate of pap, “Alexandra, are you finished your food? Can I take your plate for you and throw it away?” That you would serve me! What had I done to deserve the care of this man? Was I not there to serve him? It was in that moment that I realized I am no more there to change the lives of these people as they are about to change mine.
So to round off, the two questions I'm asking myself are:
1.     What can I learn from these people that the hardships of the workplace cannot scrape the surface of?
2.     What can these people grant me in perspective that my struggles will feel like very little in comparison?
Central Parkers, it was a great pleasure to hit the streets with you; the place where He is, amongst the people whom He loves, and with those whom He says the “Kingdom of Heaven belongs.”
Till next time, signed off, "Alexandra the Township" Caldow
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