1000 prayers
1000 Prayers is our exciting new initiative for the month of October.

Born out of a desire to see the supernatural manifest in healing across our community, we are determined to "tip over the bowls of incense."

In both Psalm 141:2 and Revelation 5:8 and 8:3 the word speaks about the prayers of the saints being like bowls of incense before the Lord. Only Jesus makes these prayers acceptable to the Father. He is our high priest who lives forever to intercede for us.

Many of the well-known healers of our day have remarked that they never saw any break through until they prayed for many many people. Todd White said he prayed for 1000 people before anyone got healed.

At Central Parks we are taking hold of this together. In one month we are trusting that we will start to see great miracles as we aim to pray for 1000 people in our communities and in the Parks area.

Our target are the sick and the broken. Broken souls with broken bodies. We aim to gather up their names in a bowl of incense until it has 1000 people represented inside it.

100 people can reach 1000 people in 1 month. Its only 10 people each.

Sign up here to be part of this community prayer tsunami.