Don't be perfect, be redeemed  E-mail
Ailie Baumann | 19 December 2018
Don't be perfect, be redeemed? This has been a word that Jesus has been gently massaging into my spirit. It's a pulling out of misconceptions and false views of myself and others. It requires that I let go of ideals and take a deeper look at what "perfect" really means.

Perfect. A state of being that is completely unattainable, yet one that I seem bent on reaching. The perfect mother, wife, friend, daughter. The slightest mess or mistake devastates me because it threatens my goal of perfection.

What I am really doing is hiding the fact that I am afraid of rejection. If I really let you see me, will you reject me? I want you to love me. So, I hide. I hide my mess, my weaknesses, my mistakes, and more because I am afraid you won't love me. You see imperfect, messy me is just that...messy.

In my times of mess, I am often breaking into a million pieces.

I remember when I first heard Lisa's teaching on "Brokenness and Communion", Papa showed me that I was hiding under a table covered by a tablecloth. I was being the Shulamite woman hiding away with my shame and fear of rejection. I was frustrated that I wasn't...Perfect.

Jesus joined me under my table. He looked at me lovingly, yet squarely in the eyes and said:

"I don't expect you to be perfect, because I am not perfect according to your measure of perfect. Look at My body. It too is scarred worse than yours. I don't want your perfect. I want you. That is where you become mature with Me. I know you are human and I embrace that, because I love to redeem. Don't be perfect, be redeemed.".

The more I sit with Jesus in this revelation, the more I realise that life is a journey of experiences both positive and negative. Experiences mean that we are living. "Mess" and "broken" means we are living and experiencing. We are trying and taking risks. I believe God honours that and smiles when we close our eyes to take in that deep breath of courage before leaping into the unknown.

In it all, He asks that we continue to remain vulnerable and open to Him. Jesus is the safest person we can trust. So, we risk. We open the door to those "no entry" places of our hearts a little wider for a little longer. The light of His Presence pours in a bit more. In this moment, love casts out all fear. It's ok to be broken, messy, and human. We are loved and accepted and cherished by God. He redeems and redefines us instead of our shortcomings and circumstances.

But then, I wonder about my ideals and my desire for life to go perfectly according to plan. Life tends to plough on almost mercilessly throwing me into situations I am unprepared for and didn't expect. What do I do with this? I know I'm going to make a mess or fumble around barely treading water.

These are the moments of letting go. Letting go of my ideals and standard of perfection to embrace with both hands the fullness of love. You see love is not afraid of mess or getting its hands dirty. No. Love is patient and kind and not self-seeking (1 Corinthians 13). It extends grace and mercy, laced with compassion and understanding. Love doesn't demand perfection. It seeks openness and vulnerability.

So, I find myself asking Jesus to do this one thing, "Come into my spaces." - those messy broken spaces that only He can define and redeem. He takes the lead and we follow. All Papa asks of any of us is that we love fully. Love Him and each other. We love Him first because He is our excellent role model of love. From there, we love each other fully and deeply. We bravely allow our hearts to intertwine with each other because we need each other. This is when we become a cord of three strands not easily broken.

With love and grace, we courageously lower our walls and our masquerade masks. We look at each other in the eyes, albeit awkwardly and shyly. What do you see? I see you looking at me with love and acceptance.

Dearest, your mess does not define you. God does. You are seen and valued for who you are right now in your mess and brokenness. You are a broken offering that releases sweet smelling fragrance heavenward. You are alive, breathing the life of God. You are deeply loved.
Testimony from Kingdom Come conference 2017  E-mail
Chris Dickie | 19 December 2018
Hi All 

Where does one start to share all the things about this unbelievable weekend

To start off I have been listening to the Bethel Redding podcast for the last two years on a weekly basis. So I have a good knowledge of Bill and his teachings but nothing can prepare you for seeing the man in person and the wisdom and presence of the Father he carries and though his teaching and revelation he makes it possible for all of us to carry this wisdom, presence, authority and power of the Father.

I was given a ticket to this life changing event by someone in the community and whoever they are have contributed to my thinking been changed and challenged for the rest of my Life so thank you.

There was so many bits of gold nuggets that I picked up .Here are some of them

1: We are Co-Labours with the Father in the Kingdom

2: Believing the lie empowers the liar and that I cannot afford to have a lie in my head about myself that God does not think about me it will empower the liar.

3: Revelation is a invitation to encounter Him to model and to display Him and as we pursue Him we will display his power.

4: Get alone with GOD and encounter Him to have the anointing for the harvest.

5: If you want to change the world you need to believe you can.

6: To stop been impressed by the size of my problems.

7: Identity is in the One who has called us. Who I am is in the name of the One who has called me.

8: To love people because God loves them and not to see an outcome.

The two things that really set me free in a nut shell was that in the past when I prayed for people and nothing happened I would get despondent and wonder why nothing had happened and I would then almost be mad with God and give up praying for people but I have learned that it was not the Lord but it was me as to experience more healing their needed to by a cycle of me spending time with the Father and receive and encounter with Him and then take a risk and pray for healing again and celebrate the fact that the risk was taken and if nothing happens start the process again and to listen to the Holy Spirit on what I should pray as there is not one carbon copy pray for all people as they are unique and uniquely loved. So the Father is calling me to more encounters with him and to listen to Him and renew my mind accordingly.

The second thing is that I have been on a journey recently where I am going back to the ancient path ways that the Lord has put in my heart and while I was at the conference I was totally myself and found myself connecting with total strangers in the que as we stood in line for everything and Father shared with me about these people and then giving them a word, encouraging them, loving them and praying for them and how the Father put me across their path. The time spent as well with some of the central park people was also encouraging as we got to know each other better.

The Father is calling us to renew our minds towards ourselves, others and the world around us and then to step out in his power, love and authority to impact the world around us


Love you guys

Chris Dickie
Charlie's Cafe Menu  E-mail
cpadmin | 19 December 2018
Charlie’s Café is delighted to open its doors at our 10th birthday bash on Sunday 5 Feb from 11h45 till 14h00. 

Please pre-order your food by Friday, 3 Feb. either send a text to 082 377 8521 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


 Toasties (served on brown or white) 

Cheese                                      R12.00                                                
Cheese & Tomato                     R14.00                                                      
Cheese & Ham                         R16.00                                                      
Chicken Mayo                          R18.00                                        

Summer Salads

Greek                                         R30.00
Garden                                       R25.00    
Chicken pasta                            R30.00


Chicken Mayo                      R25.00                                                              
Mince Wrap                          R25.00
Salad Wrap                           R25.00                                                            


Marvellous Meals                                                   
Chicken Prego & Chips             R30.00                                  
Beef Burger & Chips                 R30.00                                                                       
Hot Dog & Chips                       R20.00
Hot Chips                                   R15.00
Boerie Roll & Chips                  R30.00
Braai Lunch                               R35.00
[Boerie, Chop, potato salad, coleslaw]                        

Tasty treats

Chocolate brownies           R6.00
Muffin                                R6.00
Waffle & Ice Cream         R15.00
Cappuccino                      R20.00


Buddy drinks         R12.00
Cans                       R10.00
Water                     R7.00
Flavoured  Water   R10.00 



Central Parks turns 10 on 5 February 2017  E-mail
Grant Flaum | 19 December 2018
On Sunday 5 February 2017 Central Parks City Church turns 10 years old. God has been so incredibly faithful!! What a journey it has been!!

We want to invite ANYONE who has been part of this community over the last 10 years and friends of ours to join us as we celebrate what God has done in our midst.

What an incredible moment in history to be alive in Johannesburg serving God to see the city changed.

Look forward to having you join us worship our great King.

Christmas greetings from Grant  E-mail
Grant Flaum | 19 December 2018
Merry Christmas everyone at Central Parks

As we close out another great year at Central Parks City Church, we thank God for the countless blessings of 2016.

For many it was a tough year but God is certainly building a robustness (is there such a word?) in us. A resilient people who know their God and who do mighty exploits for Him. A personal and corporate faith that can withstand all the challenges and frustrations of 21st Century city living.

We have an amazing year to anticipate, friends. Great growth has been prophesied over us as we stay true to who we are, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ.

Who are we? A loving family who love His presence and who are not scared to attempt great exploits in His name.

Lets really love our city next year. Lets love the people who make up our world. Even the outcast and the addict and the scorned.

I have been so challenged to live in and amongst my world. To be right where they work, play, sleep and (the things they) love. To live intentionally for Jesus here for all to see and for them to know that Jesus is my everything. If you recall Jesus was accused of being a 'friend of sinners' and a 'wine bibber'.

This gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16). I am super expectant for many radical salvations next year...

Lets live with great purpose in 2017.

With so much love


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