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Nicolene Coertse | 19 December 2018
The Pass it On-Pledge

Grant’s sermon of the 26th of October, “I will make you fishers of men” really stirred me at a deep level. I have heard it being said that Jesus’ Great Commission to his disciples in Matthew 28 has become the Great Omission by the church. Grant also mentioned it in his sermon.


I think we have a long history of wrong thinking that has lead to this omission. Church fathers, a century or two after the apostles’ writing, had realised that there is a real risk involved when people accept Jesus into their lives, and accept the call of God on their lives to proclaim the Gospel to others. These young people might just pack up and leave for Asia or Africa, never to return, and so the church fathers and church families started to convince these new believers that it is more important to build their personal relationship with Christ Jesus, than to go out into the world, hence the rise of ascetics – believers who go live in complete isolation to serve God in that way. I strongly believe that these young believers’ passion and drive to share the Gospel was channelled in the wrong direction.


Another very strong, convincing argument was put forward by St. Augustine, who said: “Preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.” So we have developed a very strong mindset that we should live a life that is different from the world, so different, that people would be so intrigued to ask why it is so different, and that we would only have to use words then. This is such a wrong mindset. It is actually just confusing and inhibiting. I suspect the argument was born out of countless situations that arose where sharing the Gospel led to heated arguments, so better to protect oneself by not saying anything about Christ, than to land in a heated argument for which you do not feel equipped.


I am continually battling this mindset in myself, and I have encountered it countless times among well-meaning friends and family.


Something else that comes to mind is that we have formed these clear boundaries of some are called to be apostles, evangelists, pastors, deacons, elders and some to be missionaries, and so on, that we forget that God is profoundly able to use any of us to fulfil any of his purposes. Also, it is a convenient excuse to have, i.e. “I am not called to be an evangelist nor missionary, so I need not bother about this or that person who does not know Christ.”

Jesus in the Old Testament  E-mail
Elize-Marie Muller | 19 December 2018
In the OT, God committed to his people through a covenant – today we call it the old covenant. Then Jesus came and brokered for us a new covenant of grace.  Since discovering the power and truth of the new covenant a few years ago, I’ve focused more on the NT and allowed God to speak and teach me through the Gospels and the rest of the NT.  Unintentionally I demoted the OT and it’s relevance to historical stories and “Kids ministry material”.  However, recently I started reading a children’s bible to our daughter and was struck by this particular version and how the authors linked every story to God’s rescue plan for humanity through Jesus.  So I started to read the OT with filters of “How can I see Jesus in this story”.


how do we respond to death?  E-mail
Lisa Flaum | 19 December 2018

How do we respond to death? To lives snatched violently and suddenly. This week within our community, both collectively and corporately we have lost two lives. Both with the name, Jennifer. Both died on the same afternoon. One was 55yrs and one 5/6yrs. Jennifer Butters was part of our community and Jennifer Field was part of our wider community. Both of them had so much life here on earth still to live.

Jennifer Butters was always full of life and passion and joy. Even when times were tough she could laugh and find the humor in things. Her death, like little Jennifer’s was unjust. A complete robbery.

They were a double robbery in the Parks. A double attack on the “fair one”. Jennifer means: “fair one”. I am not yet certain of the prophetic meaning but when something happens with similar names and numbers and on the same day, I listen up. Holy Spirit is weaving a message for us. And what I heard was this: There are principality assignments over regions in the world at the moment that are so wicked, the demonic realm thinks it has open door rights to take out the “fair ones”, the redeemed in other parts of the world. This is a serious matter. Like children ungoverned. Even usually “quiet” children will take advantage of anarchy. That is what has happened in the second realm.

How do we rise up at this time and meet our call to subdue the earth and bring chaos back to order? Put a stop to the wickedness?

We take control of our borders.


amazing preach on the call of God  E-mail
Grant Flaum | 19 December 2018
Listen to this amazing preach by Rory Dyer at the 'The Call' conference recently held at 3CI. What it takes to remain in the call of God for your life. Email me your thoughts on what he has to say This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
community  E-mail
Anonymous | 19 December 2018
For me it's really amazing how good the Lord is. That when we pull into community and pursue Him with an honest heart that He really just starts making things happen and tearing away our stuggles.
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