Hold Onto Your Heart as Your Triumph Unfolds  E-mail
Amanda Alexander | 04 December 2017
Unbelievably, we have reached the end of another year in our community.  As I ponder this, I realise that for many, this has not been the easiest of years.  Yet as I prayed about what Papa wanted me to write, He gave me what seemed like a bird’s eye view of what the year has looked like, from a completely different perspective.  I saw the many different paths each of us has taken in our day to day lives, as millions of colourful roads, crossing the canvas of our community;  but as I watched, I was captivated by one beautiful and unexpected element…what seemed like golden glitter was being sprinkled across the canvas,  following each of our paths as they unfolded.  I asked Papa about this, and I became aware that the glitter that was criss-crossing the canvas was Papa’s beautiful Presence over each of us, and over every twist and turn in our paths throughout 2017.  I became beautifully aware, Beloveds, that He’s been there…He’s been there…He’s been there!  Papa has been there through it all, faithful and true, and He has not let us go, even for a second.  He has faithfully seen us through, taking us by the hand and leading, or nudging us from behind, or walking by our side, and sometimes picking us up and carrying us, when our strength has failed…He has always been there, giving us all we need, because that’s who he is…our faithful Father!

The Lord laid so clearly on my heart, the words of the Bethel song: “Hold on to your heart as your triumph unfolds…He’s in the waiting…”  I believe we are on the brink, in our church and in our country, of powerful shifts, but that Papa is calling us to hold on to our hearts.  God is shifting, changing, preparing, positioning.  There is a sense of  expectancy and anticipation, but I feel the Father tugging at my heart, sitting me down and telling me that He has much for us in the secret place with Him…so sit down…quiet your heart…breathe…He has deep, deep wells of refreshing,  healing, feeding,  preparing and equipping for us…We hold onto our hearts by drinking deeply from His wells until we swell with all He has imparted to us and burst, allowing His goodness to pour onto the community around us.  The waiting and the drinking from His wells are central to everything, for us and our journeys-that our lives might be wells of refreshing, encouragement and comfort to those around us.

As I write this, your faces and your stories float through my mind, and I am inspired to drink deeply, so that I might burst with God’s goodness onto you.  Join with me in the drinking, that we might enjoy the abundance He has for us along the way, and overflow onto each other.  This is the beautiful journey the Father has for us- it’s rich, it’s good, it’s enough…and it will place each of us exactly where we need to be, now and for the year ahead.

So much love for you all,

Enjoy the journey and drink deeply.