A shout out to Central Parks Worship Ministry, Sound and Overheads  E-mail
Nicolene Coertse | 27 September 2017
This morning (24 September) when I got out of my car at church, I saw some of my prophetic art materials in the boot and thought of taking some along to sit and dawdle with whilst busy on overheads. I rejected the thought, but was mindful of a conversation I had had with Gill Persson in terms of the mornings I am on overheads duty. She told me that that is my worship on those days…

I decided to pay attention to the task at hand. The overheads duty can be consuming, there are a number of things to keep in mind and manage while on task, such as changing the slides for the words to the songs in time, checking the sound recording, and keeping a tab on whether the PC is charging or not. 

Afterwards, June Schwikkard and a friend of hers came to me and told me how meaningful the particular songs of this morning were to them and asked me about where they could possibly find the lyrics to the songs. 

What a powerful worship session it was! Jonathan Wordon was leading worship, with Anabella Sowter adding her amazing voice and Sarah Allen on the keyboard and vocals. Hans Roosenboom and Lorens Persson were manning the sound desk. These men’s ears are so attuned to sound and to feedback from the microphones and speakers that they take action before anyone else even notices anything amiss.  

Behind the scenes, Benji Pienaar organises a team of us on overheads duty; there is quite a bit of coordinating involved and he is an excellent steward of this task. 

Lorens and Gill Persson head up our worship ministry with incredible teams under them. Worship, sound and overheads! You are a great team to be part of and guys, you are all awesome.