The Living Temple  E-mail
Joy Dickie | 24 July 2017
Jesus has made a way
So in God's presence we can stay.
His death on the cross
Is a victory not a loss.

His broken body is the foundation
Of the Church and its salvation.
His blood washes away our sin and grime
Leaving us redeemed for all time.

Jesus is the mirror that reflects the Father's glory,
His love interwoven in everyone's story.
As we look upon His wondrous face
He points to the Father full of mercy and grace.

God's presence is not found within a box
It cannot be contained by chains or locks.
He is not found in a building or a steeple
But rather He lives within the hearts of His people.

The Holy Spirit is like a beautiful skylight in the ceiling
Drawing our gaze to the Father's throne room that is so appealing.
Gently He leads us in the Father's way
Helping and guiding us in all we do and say.

We are His body, His temple, one and all
We fit together like bricks in a wall.
The cement that holds us all in place
Is the love of Jesus found in each other's embrace.

Our strength is not found in standing alone
But connecting with others with hearts of love not stone.
As we reach into each other's lives with openness
We allow God's healing to remove our brokenness.

This living temple is vibrant, colourful and alive
Through God's power within us we are learning to thrive,
In a world that is hurting and lonely and blue
A world that is waiting for a loving touch from you.