Testimony from Kingdom Come conference 2017  E-mail
Chris Dickie | 16 February 2017
Hi All 

Where does one start to share all the things about this unbelievable weekend

To start off I have been listening to the Bethel Redding podcast for the last two years on a weekly basis. So I have a good knowledge of Bill and his teachings but nothing can prepare you for seeing the man in person and the wisdom and presence of the Father he carries and though his teaching and revelation he makes it possible for all of us to carry this wisdom, presence, authority and power of the Father.

I was given a ticket to this life changing event by someone in the community and whoever they are have contributed to my thinking been changed and challenged for the rest of my Life so thank you.

There was so many bits of gold nuggets that I picked up .Here are some of them

1: We are Co-Labours with the Father in the Kingdom

2: Believing the lie empowers the liar and that I cannot afford to have a lie in my head about myself that God does not think about me it will empower the liar.

3: Revelation is a invitation to encounter Him to model and to display Him and as we pursue Him we will display his power.

4: Get alone with GOD and encounter Him to have the anointing for the harvest.

5: If you want to change the world you need to believe you can.

6: To stop been impressed by the size of my problems.

7: Identity is in the One who has called us. Who I am is in the name of the One who has called me.

8: To love people because God loves them and not to see an outcome.

The two things that really set me free in a nut shell was that in the past when I prayed for people and nothing happened I would get despondent and wonder why nothing had happened and I would then almost be mad with God and give up praying for people but I have learned that it was not the Lord but it was me as to experience more healing their needed to by a cycle of me spending time with the Father and receive and encounter with Him and then take a risk and pray for healing again and celebrate the fact that the risk was taken and if nothing happens start the process again and to listen to the Holy Spirit on what I should pray as there is not one carbon copy pray for all people as they are unique and uniquely loved. So the Father is calling me to more encounters with him and to listen to Him and renew my mind accordingly.

The second thing is that I have been on a journey recently where I am going back to the ancient path ways that the Lord has put in my heart and while I was at the conference I was totally myself and found myself connecting with total strangers in the que as we stood in line for everything and Father shared with me about these people and then giving them a word, encouraging them, loving them and praying for them and how the Father put me across their path. The time spent as well with some of the central park people was also encouraging as we got to know each other better.

The Father is calling us to renew our minds towards ourselves, others and the world around us and then to step out in his power, love and authority to impact the world around us


Love you guys

Chris Dickie