Connection to a local body  E-mail
Grant Flaum | 24 August 2016
How can you call yourself a believer and not have a connection to a local body of believers?

Scripture is not ambiguous about God calling out 'a people for His name'. Be careful of individualism, the curse of our modern day, it makes you think you can follow Christ 'on your own'.

Every local body has its flaws. If you are part of a family there are flaws aplenty but love looks like something. Love works out differences. Is patient. Forbears. It looks out for fellows on the journey.

The bible says we are like living stones rubbing together and forming part of this beautiful temple of worship to our worthy King (1 Peter 2:5). What a joy to see fellow believers progress in the faith and looking and acting like Christ!

Friends, we are in this together!! C'mon don't be a 'lone ranger' no longer, humble your heart and join in the collective - a people for His name, called to change the planet (together).