The power of worship  E-mail
Amanda Alexander | 16 August 2016
It's amazing the way Pappa shares a unified message with us.  As I was listening to Jaques' brilliant message on Wednesday night, I wanted to jump for joy, because I have been experiencing exactly the same thing - the power of a sacrifice of praise!

Recently Pappa spoke to me about my need of worshipping over some very painful, ongoing things in my life.  My situation is ongoing, and causes a lot of pain when it flares up, pain which has crippled my heart at times. When I came crying to Pappa, He told me to dance over these things, to dance(worship) upon the trouble and the pain.  Now maybe I'm the only one, but when I'm under intense emotional pain, I don't really feel much like dancing; in fact, what I really feel like is curling up in my bed and crying myself to sleep.  Fortunately, He gave me the Grace to act on what He had placed in my spirit, instead of following the pain of my soul, and so, just as Jaques did in his situation, I went to my room, closed the door and began to worship.
It's amazing, but when you are led by Holy Spirit, and when your spirit rises up to actually listen and put your soulish emotions under, the way is opened up for GOD'S provision and His blessing to flow.  What amazing times I have had- coming crawling in, weak and broken, to offer sacrifices of praise, only to find, in the secret places of worship, a beautiful transference taking place-Pappa, taking my brokenness and making me whole, and not only that, but soaking me with His joy, peace, rest and victory!
So when next you feel weary, broken, overwhelmed or crushed, try what Jaques and I have found- go into your room, close the door and begin to worship!  I guarantee, the God of peace will draw near, and bring you the perspective, rest and victory you so desperately desire and need.
Amen!  What an amazing God we serve!