What on earth are we here for?  E-mail
Claudia Kotzen | 13 July 2016
The gospel is the good news of what God has done for us; no strings attached. God always had a redemption and restoration plan. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins so that we can once again become children of God through our faith in The Messiah. This is such good news. And now, we have been commissioned to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over every living thing. The earth is crying out for the children of God to bring them some GOOD NEWS. Jesus is the person of the gospel. The world is hungry and thirsty and desperate for a Saviour. Jesus said, “Come after me, follow me and I WILL MAKE you fishers of men.

The conversation that happens between Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4 speaks so beautifully of the simplicity of the gospel and the essentials of what on earth we are here for. Every time I do the will of the Father who sent me, I enjoy a feast. (Jn 4:34 TPT).  It was the will of the Father that Jesus stop at the well and dialogue with the Samaritan woman. This was a moment in time that would impact an entire village, and this moment in time is a moment we all have access to with our Saviour. He stopped to pour time out on the Samaritan woman and at the well, she encountered The Messiah. Jesus completely disrupted the cultural norm of the day by sitting down and conversing with her. He broke through the expected and brought the unexpected. He stopped and spent time with her to say, “I’m going to give you a drink of life! You won’t have to keep coming back to the place of this man-made well to get it, it will be inside you, alive, bubbling over and leaping forth! I will give you LIVING water that is no longer a place, but a person, and he is inside you, with you, wherever you go.”

At the end of their exchange, the Samaritan woman left to share her encounter and story with the village. She was bubbling over. She told the village that she had encountered a man who told her everything about herself. The village saw her and heard her testimony, and wanted to meet this Jesus for themselves. At this point, the disciples (back from going to get food) were shocked that Jesus wasn't hungry (no one had fed him), but he explains to them that he's eaten of the Father’s will and it has nourished and fulfilled and satisfied him like a lavish feast. When the villagers met Jesus for themselves, they asked Him to stay with them, and He did for two days. Then many more believed in him because of his personal message. They told the Samaritan woman, “Now we no longer believe just because of what you told us; we believe because we have heard for ourselves personally, and we know that He truly is the saviour of the world.”

Too often we can get stuck at our place of the well. But, we’re equipped and empowered to move. We can no longer get stuck at the well. The well is a person, not a place. When we meet with Jesus, something happens. After every encounter, something changes. You are the answer to someone’s prayer. You are the answer to a desperate and thirsty world. Jesus is coming back for a glorious bride. He’s coming back for everyone He paid the price for. And guess who is empowered through the Holy Spirit to bring Him to the world before His return? As we drink of His living waters, we become springs filled with life, and that life is sheer joy! Contagious joy!

 We have been commissioned to become messengers of victory and joy. We are carriers of the good news, spilling that good news out everywhere we go, and often, we need to choose to spill intentionally. We’re on the front foot because we carry a message of victory.

 It’s not our job to work out how this all gets done. It’s our job to believe that God is extremely good at His job and that He chooses to partner with us in His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

 So where do I start? What if it feels too big? Well, he’s the one who does the heavy lifting. We get to partner with him. Stop at the well and meet with Jesus. Drink deep of his waters life, of redemption, of healing. Drink deep of his Holy Spirit. Give Him your well (your self-sufficiency, your control, your fears) and take His spring. While you're there, look for the ONE He brings to you while you surrender yourself to do the will of the Father. That ONE you stop for, may just be a ONE who will go tell an entire village about his or her Saviour. You may even be the one who will tell an entire village your message of joy.