letter from grant and lisa  E-mail
Grant Flaum | 09 December 2014
Thank you to everyone who has given of themselves for the benefit of the Central Parks community this past year. It hasn't been an easy year for us. We have had to weather some intense storms.

They say "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger' and we can with confidence say we are a stronger more robust community as a result of 2014.

God has been incredibly good and incredibly faithful.

As a people we are more focused and more determined to pursue the mandate on us as a house. We are in a very good space to go after our dreams in 2015.

What are our dreams? In essence we want to bring the kingdom to the Parks suburbs and we want to build Central Parks to be a "strong tower" in the city.

In January you will be hearing a lot about our vision, goals, etc for the year. Lisa and myself and the leadershp team are so excited to share our hearts with you around the direction we are going in as a local church.

The '1000' prayers intitative started in October, has born great fruit thus far and we want to continue going after the stuff that gets us excited.

We are trusting for a big harvest as more and more of the Central Parks community invite friends, family, collegues and even strangers to our meetings and indeed into our lives.

Thank you for your incredible generostiy this year. You have continued to be so faithful in your giving of your finances throughout the year. May we be a people who continue to put His Kingdom first and be a blessing to the broader community.

In closing, we celebrate our close relationships with friends and fathers. These connections have got us through the challenges we have had to face with sustained passion for Jesus.

May this festive season be filled with incredible peace and joy. May you rest deeply from all your labour and savour precious time with friends and family celebrating Christ the King

Here's to a magnificent and deeply impactful 2015!

All our love

Grant and Lisa