Jesus in the Old Testament  E-mail
Elize-Marie Muller | 12 November 2014
In the OT, God committed to his people through a covenant – today we call it the old covenant. Then Jesus came and brokered for us a new covenant of grace.  Since discovering the power and truth of the new covenant a few years ago, I’ve focused more on the NT and allowed God to speak and teach me through the Gospels and the rest of the NT.  Unintentionally I demoted the OT and it’s relevance to historical stories and “Kids ministry material”.  However, recently I started reading a children’s bible to our daughter and was struck by this particular version and how the authors linked every story to God’s rescue plan for humanity through Jesus.  So I started to read the OT with filters of “How can I see Jesus in this story”.

Isaac the Promised Son Jesus the promised Son
God chose to bless everyone on earth through Abraham’s family. Abraham is called the Father of many nations.
God would send another baby boy to bless all of humanity. God is the Father of all nations.
Abraham was visited by a messenger who foretold the birth and name the son.
Joseph was visited by a messenger who foretold the birth and name the son.
Sarah’s pregnancy was a miracle
Mary’s pregnancy was a miracle
The birth of Isaac was the start of God’s promise, blessing and rescue plan
The birth of Jesus was the earthly start of God’s promise, blessing and rescue plan
Sacrifice of Isaac Sacrifice of Jesus
God asked Abraham to give Him his son, his only son, the one he loved (first mention of the word love in OT)
God gave His only Son, the one He loved (Matt 3:17 - first mention of love in the NT) ! (Hebr 11:17 Isaac is called Abraham’s “only begotten son”)
It was a 3 day journey to the mountain
Jesus was in the tomb for 3 days
2 young men travelled with Isaac and his father
2 thieves were crucified with Jesus
Isaac carried the wood on his back for the sacrifice up the mountain

Jesus carried the wooden cross on his back up the mountain

Isaac asked His Father about the Lamb
Jesus asked His Father for the cup to pass Him by
Abraham tied his son onto the altar
Jesus was tied to the cross
Isaac didn’t struggle or run away
Jesus didn’t struggle or run away
Isaac trusted his father
Jesus trusted His Father
God provided an innocent ram as a substitute for Isaac
God provided the innocent Lamb (Jesus) as a substitute for us, his people
The replacement ram was caught in a thicket of THORNS
Jesus was crucified with a crown of THORNS on his head
Abraham called the place where Isaac was to be sacrificed, ‘The Lord will provide’.
4000 years later God would provide again because “He so loved the world that He gave His only son..”
Isaac was released from his “death” after 3 days of travelling
Jesus was raised from the dead after 3 days

The first mention of Isaac after the sacrifice is Abraham’s concern for his son to find a bride and therefor instructing a servant to find her.
God the Father’s heart after the sacrifice of His son was the sending of the Holy Spirit to find and prepare a bride for him.
The servant had all authority “for all his masters goods were in his hand”
The Holy spirit comes with all authority/power to lead, help and guide us.
The servant brought gifts for the bride
The Holy Spirit provides us with gifts
2nd mention of the word love was where Isaac took Rebekah as his wife and he “loved her”
Picture of Jesus taking us as his bride and loves us perfectly and completely
Rebekah was a virgin bride
The church as the bride of Christ is regarded as virgin because of Jesus’s sacrifice (2 Cor 11:2)
Joseph Jesus
Joseph was a shepherd
Jesus is the Great Shepherd
Joseph was loved by and sent by his Father to seek out his brothers
Jesus was loved by and sent by His Father to seek and save all of humanity
Because of jealousy and envy, Joseph’s brothers conspired to kill Joseph
Leaders of Israel hated Jesus because He didn’t submit Himself to their rule and conspired to kill Jesus
Joseph’s brothers did not believe his dreams
Jesus’ brethren did not believe His words.
Joseph was promised a remarkable future
Jesus looked passed the cross to the joy set before Him (Isaiah 9:6,
Joseph seeks his brothers until he finds them
Jesus seeks us until He finds us.
Joseph was stripped of his coat (37:23
Jesus was stripped of His coat. (Mat. 27:27, 28; John 19:23)
Joseph was thrown into a dry well – became known as Joseph’s pit.
Jesus was thrown into a grave.
It was JUDAH’s idea to sell Joseph (Hebrew YEHUDA)
JUDAS betrayed Jesus – His name is the GREEK version of JUDAH
Joseph was taken out of the pit, alive in his body
Jesus was bodily-resurrected from the tomb (pit).
Sold for 20 pieces of silwer
His clothes was sold for 30 pieces of silver
Joseph’s blood sprinkled coat (goat blood) is presented to his father (37:31);
Jesus is our scapegoat and His blood was presented to the Father as a sin offering.
Joseph becomes a servant
Jesus became a servant (Philippians 2:6, 7)
Joseph was sorely tempted and did not sin
Jesus was tempted and did not sin
Joseph was accused of a crime he didn’t commit and he was thrown in prison without given a fair trail
Jesus was falsely accused and slandered with no fair trail
Joseph won the respect of his jailor (39:21);
Jesus won the respect of a Roman centurion standing at the cross
2 prisoners were with Joseph. One’s dream meant death for him and the other meant release and being exalted.
Next to Jesus on the cross was 2 criminals, one chose life, the other death.

Joseph went from being condemned in prison to being exalted to Pharaoh’s right hand.

After His death and resurrection, Jesus was exalted back to the right hand of the God
Joseph was thirty years old when he began his ministry (41:46);
Jesus was thirty when He began His public ministry (Luke 3:23).
Joseph, alone, is seen as dispersing bread to a perishing world (41:55)
Jesus is the One who alone disperses the Bread of Life
Joseph’s brothers didn’t recognize him on their first visit, but wept when they realized the one they betrayed was not just alive but reigning over the entire land.
Israel didn’t recognize Jesus at His first coming, but oh the weeping and reconciliation that is to come at His second coming
Joseph’s brothers, upon their reconciliation with Joseph, were extremely repentant of the evil that they had done in plotting and betraying Joseph. Yet Joseph didn’t hold the grievance against them but with grace stated that 'what they meant for evil, God intended for good, to save many lives!'
Israel betrayed Jesus, planning to do Him harm. Yet God intended it for good, to save many lives! And that He has done, and continues to do, throughout the entire world!
Joseph was very kind to his brothers and provided more than they needed
Jesus has provided more than we need to live a life of godliness.
Nehemiah the Rebuilder Jesus the Rebuilder
He was a cupbearer to the King. He was willing to die for the King if necessary.
Jesus was in Heaven as the Son of God when God sent Him to reconcile us back to the Father / King
Nehemiah left the palace in Persia (and all the protections and comfortable lifestyle associated with his position) in order to travel a great distance to Jerusalem because he was grieved for his people and his city.
Jesus left heaven, where he rules and reigns in power and authority, to became human here on earth because He loves us so much and knows we need to be rescued.  (John 316-17, Revelation 1:13-20, and Revelation 21:3-5)
Upon becoming aware of the condition of Jerusalem, Nehemiah wept openly about her state
This typifies how Jesus would also weep about the state of Jerusalem.  Luke 19:41-42
Nehemiah had the King's monetary support and physical protection.  (Nehemiah 2:5-9)
Jesus was sent by the Father with His blessing, "This is my Son, with whom I am well pleased."
Nehemiah called God’s people to rise and build with him
Jesus would call His disciples to come, follow him and build God’s Kingdom through the church
Nehemiah was mocked, insulted and hated for his work in Jerusalem.  (Nehemiah 2:19 and 4:1-3)
Jesus was mocked, hated, beaten and crucified for his work on earth.  (Luke 22:63 and Matthew 27:28-31)
Nehemiah set a good example by following his own rules by caring for the people. (Nehemiah 5:14,16,18-19)
Jesus set the ultimate example by becoming man, yet completely living without sin, showing everyone how to live in alignment with God the Father. (John 1:14, Philippians 2:7-8, 2 Corinthians 5:21
Nehemiah served a large feast for many people at his own expense.  (Nehemiah 5:17-18)
Jesus is going to throw the greatest party and the greatest feast, with choice wines and choice meats, when New Heaven and New Earth are established.
Before going back to the king, Nehemiah, along with Ezra, re-established the truth of Gods word and set the priesthood up again so that all would be done according to God's covenant.
Before going back to the Father, Jesus established the church and the truth of the new covenant.
Nehemiah left Jerusalem to return to his job under Cyrus.
Jesus ascended into heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father.
Nehemiah appointed others to continue his work after he had left.  (Nehemiah 13:30-31)
Jesus appointed his disciples (and us!) to tell everyone about Him so that His work would be continued after He left.
When Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem for a second time, he found that the temple has been defiled and he threw out all the belongings of those occupying it.
Jesus made a whip and chased all the business men out of the temple
The first time he came to Jerusalem and rebuilt the walls (salvation). This time he comes back to Jerusalem and cleanses the area, throwing out the enemies that have made their home there!
When Jesus returns from the Father, he comes back to Jerusalem, and defeats God's enemies there.
David and Goliath Jesus and Satan
David was sent by His Father
Jesus was sent by His Father to take care of our welfare
David was rejected by his brothers
Jesus was rejected by those closest to Him
For 40 days, Goliath was taunting the Israelite army
Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days when Satan came to tempt him
David was the sole representative of the entire Israel army when facing Goliath
Jesus represented all of humanity when He faced Satan in the battle for authority in the desert
Goliath was described as wearing 6 pieces of armor
Ephesians identifies 6 pieces of armor for us to warfare with
There are numerous claims that David buried goliath's head at a place called "Sculls" just outside of Jerusalem
Jesus was crucified on a hill called "Place of Sculls" where Jesus finally crushed the head of Satan
Once David had won the battle, all of Israel participated in the victory. David’s victory was their victory!
The victory Jesus won is our victory when we believe in Him!
David delivered Israel from their fear of Goliath.
Jesus delivers us from our fear of sin, death and Satan
David does not trust in human strength, rather he trusts in the name of the LORD
Jesus does not trust in human strength, rather he trust in the name of the LORD.
David defeats his enemy with his own weapon (i.e. Goliath’s sword)
Jesus defeats Satan with his own weapon (i.e. the cross)