how do we respond to death?  E-mail
Lisa Flaum | 07 October 2014

How do we respond to death? To lives snatched violently and suddenly. This week within our community, both collectively and corporately we have lost two lives. Both with the name, Jennifer. Both died on the same afternoon. One was 55yrs and one 5/6yrs. Jennifer Butters was part of our community and Jennifer Field was part of our wider community. Both of them had so much life here on earth still to live.

Jennifer Butters was always full of life and passion and joy. Even when times were tough she could laugh and find the humor in things. Her death, like little Jennifer’s was unjust. A complete robbery.

They were a double robbery in the Parks. A double attack on the “fair one”. Jennifer means: “fair one”. I am not yet certain of the prophetic meaning but when something happens with similar names and numbers and on the same day, I listen up. Holy Spirit is weaving a message for us. And what I heard was this: There are principality assignments over regions in the world at the moment that are so wicked, the demonic realm thinks it has open door rights to take out the “fair ones”, the redeemed in other parts of the world. This is a serious matter. Like children ungoverned. Even usually “quiet” children will take advantage of anarchy. That is what has happened in the second realm.

How do we rise up at this time and meet our call to subdue the earth and bring chaos back to order? Put a stop to the wickedness?

We take control of our borders.

We are not a country at war. So for us I do not feel like this is a call to travel to our country’s borders, but our communities’ borders. God clearly gave Central Parks territory and borders. We are called to walk to those borders. To the gates he showed us and declare.

Wake up the angles, (as Beni Johnson says) who are watching our walls. Declare over our walls the goodness of God and stop the enemy in his tracks. If he does pass through the gates, attached to a person, may that person turn to salvation and may the demonic turn back and shrink away. We declare peace over the Parks area and an end to violent crime and sickness.

Then we turn to our borders of influence. Perhaps our work places or homes. We walk the borders and declare the same.

Then we turn inward to our own spiritual borders. To the place where lies come across into our thoughts. Where they cross our borders, wanting us to partner with the demonic realm of lies and fear. We take them captive, declaring God’s goodness over our lives, His protection and His reign.

We will not lie down and sleep whilst the enemy takes advantage.

Wake up oh sleeper!

Wake up to the enemy’s schemes.

Wake up to the revelation that you are sons and daughters of the most High God; called to rule and reign.

Wake up to the good works God has prepared in advance for you to do!

We mourn and grieve, but through our tears, we declare God’s goodness. We declare life eternal and an enemy who is defeated through the blood of Jesus.