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Nicole van Niekerk | 04 August 2014

We received a mandate 8 years ago to plant a church that would ‘take back the Parks’
Joshua 14:9: ‘…the land on which your foot has trodden shall be an inheritance for you and your children forever…’

Reminder of our prophetic words:

“You will know the times and seasons in this nation and you will respond with my heart; you will be a house from which my voice of healing and insight and wisdom will flourish; you will be a house of influence and reconciliation and healing to the broken hearted. I will take you to people in the commercial world, in public eye and you will network…”
- Marion Fitz-Gibbons, October 2012

“I saw you in the river with a long, thick rope. You were each on one side of the river with the rope between you. The rope was the Word and while you were walking up stream and carrying the rope, the rope was catching people being swept downstream away from the throne. The rope never got too overcrowded as the river would just get bigger, everyone was together heading toward the throne…”
- Elaine Dodge, July 2014

What do we mean by taking back the Parks?

It has to include seeing people of influence getting saved.
It has to include seeing the top 2 social issues (??) decline/disappear because we are here.
It has to include a ‘cancer free’ re-zoning.
It has to include deep emotional healing to the broken hearted.
It has to include opening up the channels of finance to facilitate economic growth and social welfare.