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Monique Dobe | 31 July 2014
Last week I was walking on campus and I passed a girl- she had her head down on a table. I had a thought that I should check if she's okay but dismissed it. I went on my way to do what I needed to do and passed her again on my way back, and again had the thought that I should maybe pray for her. I dismissed it again (how silly we are sometimes to ignore Holy Spirit's voice, yet He is still so patient with us :). I was almost on the other side of campus when I couldn't ignore Him any longer. I went back and asked the girl if she was okay. She said she had a major migraine so I asked if I could pray for her. She paused and I thought she was going to say no, but instead she started crying and told me how she couldn't believe it- just before I had come up to her she was praying for God to send her a sign that everything was going to be alright. She was supposed to have completed her degree that day but there was a delay in one of her subjects- her results said she had failed it but she knew that she couldn't have since she did so well in her other subjects. It's amazing that WE can be God's answer to someone's prayer! So we prayed and the next day she went to her faculty and they said that one of the students had been condoned. The name of the student wasn't revealed but they revealed the mark and it was her exact mark! So now we are just waiting for confirmation that it is her.

A few months ago I wasn't having the best of days- it was just one of the days that we all have- it was a long day of lectures and I was just feeling really tired. During the day I saw one of my classmates that I knew and greeted her and asked her how she was. I was just waiting for the usual response of "I'm fine" or "I'm good" but instead she told me that she was having a really hard time studying at night because she got severe pain from ulcers, she could barely even sleep. Although I was dead tired, I suddenly got excited because this was a chance for Dad to do what He does best- perform miracles! I asked her if I could pray for her and she agreed. After school we met and I prayed for her healing but more than that Dad touched her with His love. I told her to keep me updated and to let me know if the ulcers came back. They were gone for about 2 weeks and then came back. I told her I would keep praying for her. It's been about 5 months now and she hasn't had ulcers ever since, even though she's had extremely stressful situations. She had had the ulcers for 7 years!

I was praying with the same girl another time and just started declaring the blood of Jesus and protection over her repeatedly, for a reason I didn't understand (since the situation we were praying about didn't seem to correlate with this). That night she was held up by gun point just off campus- the guys wanted to rob her. She said no and instead of shooting her or taking her stuff (she was alone and there was more than one guy) they just got in their car and sped off!

Last year, Neels shared a testimony of how he was jogging and he saw someone limping and asked if he could pray for them. The limp didn't go away instantly but the he said he wasn't discouraged because he knew that the kingdom was released and that everytime we lay hands on the sick or pray, something of the kingdom is imparted. This encouraged me greatly because it's so easy to get discouraged when you don't see instantaneous healings after you've prayed for people in wheelchairs over and over again. This made me super excited and that night my friend and I prayed for the security guard at res- she had a huge growth on her face since birth- she didn't know what the cause was. After praying, the growth didn't shrink immediately as I expected but I was encouraged by what Neels said and remained excited. I passed that security guard almost everyday for about 8 months and but clearly I didn't take the time to look at her until a month ago when I realised the growth was no longer there! I asked her when it had disappeared and she said nonchalantly "last year a few months after you guys prayed for me." Yay Jesus!

I love how Dad chooses to co-labour with us for His glory even when we're tired, don't listen to Him immediately or just do our own thing. He's that loving! :)