healing testimony from Sunday 6 July  E-mail
Anonymous | 06 July 2014
My husband, children  and I visited you for the first time this past Sunday morning and we thoroughly enjoyed your service. Our 2 girls had been sick, the eldest with bronchitis and the youngest with ear infection - she was on her 3rd lot of antibiotics to try and clear the infection and the doctors had advised me that an ENT would be the next step if the infection hadn't cleared, and I really did not want to go that route because it would probably mean grommets, which meant anaesthesia.

As I walked into the service on Sunday morning, I strongly felt the presence of God and the first thing that crossed my mind is that there is healing in the presence of the Lord. I spoke these words to Him. After worship, my husband went out with our girls to children's church and during the time of prayer for healing, I stood in the gap for our girls and trusted the Lord for healing. On Monday night at bedtime, I again prayed with them for their healing. We had a follow up doctor's appointment on Tuesday, where I was to get the referral for the ENT.

On Tuesday morning, we went back to the doctor - she checked my daughters ear and could not believe the difference - there was no redness at all and no sign of infection! She couldn't believe it was the same ear she had checked only a few days before. At the same time I asked her to check my other daughter and her chest had completely cleared - no sign of bronchitis!

I thank the Lord for His healing and His goodness! I am so grateful unto Him for the work He has done in their lives. This has definitely increased their faith in Him, as well as mine.