testimony - Hillbrow outreach  E-mail
Alexandra Caldow | 23 June 2014
What a splendid evening we had together! Late, but splendid :-) At -1 Degrees Celsius and not enough vests and jackets on, we ventured into the alleyways of Hillbrow to get to know the one’s whom He created and spoke His love over who had made their homes in the darkness of the streets. Armed with a car load of pap & sauce, we emptied the vehicles and spread our smiles across the alleyway being met with an equally, if not bigger, smile from Muthle, Tshepo, Lucky, Themba, Michael and Jabulani (just to name a few). No sooner had we dished up food for our new friends and some for ourselves that I hear Lucky saying, "Alexandra, next time you come you must cook! And if you do I will not eat the WHOLE day so I can eat a-lot-a-lot of your food, neh?” Laughter breaks out. I say, "Lucky, I promise you you don’t want me to cook for you my friend." He smiles, a smile that says, "It's not about the food, it’s about you coming back again that I’m really trying to make happen."
With Juanroux and Lisa getting the pack of us organized (good job there guys), we set out to connect with these people and let love look like something. It touched me to hear Jabulani say once I had finished my plate of pap, “Alexandra, are you finished your food? Can I take your plate for you and throw it away?” That you would serve me! What had I done to deserve the care of this man? Was I not there to serve him? It was in that moment that I realized I am no more there to change the lives of these people as they are about to change mine.
So to round off, the two questions I'm asking myself are:
1.     What can I learn from these people that the hardships of the workplace cannot scrape the surface of?
2.     What can these people grant me in perspective that my struggles will feel like very little in comparison?
Central Parkers, it was a great pleasure to hit the streets with you; the place where He is, amongst the people whom He loves, and with those whom He says the “Kingdom of Heaven belongs.”
Till next time, signed off, "Alexandra the Township" Caldow