testimony from lisa flaum's preach - the parable of the sower  E-mail
Anonymous | 21 May 2014
An amazing testimony from Sunday 18 May 2014

"I knew I had serious heart issues which always hindered my walk with the Lord. Some of it I could put my finger on and other aspects I could not. Lisa laid it all out for me to see for the first time. I have serious aspects of all three types of hearts that Lisa described. I have been deeply wounded and betrayed twice by Christians which effectively shut my heart down and I built massive barriers to prevent that happening again. I have forgiven them. I also suffered from the performance mentality. The fear aspect that I have in my heart needs further investigation as I do not know how that started and what the root cause was.

In the meeting I had such a sense of the Lord being with me through this storm. I know the Lord is right next to me. The song "It is well" off the new Bethel album "You make me brave" reinforced everything for me.

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