testimony - how God sets you up for good things  E-mail
Kerren Laycock | 15 April 2014
In January I gave a testimony about how God sets you up for good things, even when you’re not paying attention.  There was a job in my current company that I wanted to apply for that, for all intents and purposes I should not have ever been considered for, but I was.
I applied for the position and 2 weeks ago I received a call from the UK office of our Firm offering me the job.  I am thrilled and excited and overwhelmed by God’s goodness. In my new position I will have influence on our HR strategy and how we treat our employees and coach our leadership in 88 different countries across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.
Here’s why this moment in my life feels so significant to me.   This is one of those moments, where God’s goodness overwhelms me and it’s so important in these moments to stop and take it all in.  Here are some of the things I love about this story;

1.        God’s love breaks performance mentality! I did not work, struggle, strive or suffer for this position.  I was born and raised into a performance mentality and even when I was born again, I was born again right back into it within the charismatic movement, so for me, it’s all about reward for hard work and suffering; beg God enough, show Him you mean it and maybe He will throw you a bone.  But this job quite literally fell in my lap. This is so significant! God really wants good things for us. He is quick to respond to our needs and he provides for us over and above what is necessary.  These moments in our lives break the performance mentality that still lingers in our thoughts.

 2.       God makes all things good!  “You are not university material”, that was about the most career advice my dad gave me.  Of course I believed him and my behaviour followed suit so I didn’t make great choices in my student years.  I do not have any HR or business qualifications.  I don’t even have a degree.  I started my working career as a shop assistant.  My first tithe was less than R200.  There was a time in my life that I didn’t have enough money for toothpaste! A psychologist once diagnosed me with “zombie syndrome” meaning you are living but really just waiting to die.  I suffered through grief, depression, anxiety and addictions. My future was not bright.  By the world’s yard stick, I don’t measure up! Now this uneducated, previously-broken girl finds herself surrounded daily by CA’s, MBA’s, CIMA’s and CFA’s, talking through business strategy with CEO’s and FDs.  I wake up happy, full of memories that make my heart deeply content and hope for the day and the future ahead.  I live with a solid sense of purpose and destiny.  Fear has no control over my life anymore!  It has taken a long road of deep healing to make me free enough to take this step with Him and I am so thrilled to be here!   All the glory belongs to Jesus and His complete work on the cross by which we are saved, healed and delivered.

 3.       We are designed to be the head and not the tail! Isaiah 62:6 says “you who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest and give Him no rest until he establishes Jerusalem, and makes her a praise among the nations”.  I have been reminding Him about this, often declaring “He is making me a praise among the nations and a master craftsman in the area of my responsibility”!  God’s people should be leading in every area of the world, in business, in the arts, in education, politics...everything.  Our mandate is to disciple the nations.  I am so excited to see how God is responding to this prayer. When I arrive at work every day, God has the opportunity to spread kingdom principles and mindset over how we do business on a global scale!

4.       God gives good gifts!  Pappa gives us over and above what you could ever ask or think!

I struggle with change, it’s hard for me.  I love this, He takes care of the little details - in this new  role, I stay in the same organisation, work from the same office and I know the people in my new team, even though they all work and live in the UK.  I couldn’t have asked for an easier transition!   I have more flexibility in terms of when and where I work now than I did before, I get to travel internationally ...all things that I love and appreciate.

From a financial perspective - our home has prayed for financial increase and blessing and over the last 5 months 5 of our housemates have received substantial individual increases amounting to a total of in excess of 160%!  That’s a tree planted by a river bearing fruit in all seasons!   Take that economic recession!!

When my father died, my sister and I lost our inheritance to the fear and greed of others.  Instead of engaging in an ugly legal battle with the people involved, we made a decision to let it go and trust in the inheritance that we have in the Kingdom. At the time, I was earning very little.  I was scared about the future having lost my safety net and I had no guarantee that I would be provided for.

But, God is good, and he has given us everything we need in this life for goodness and godliness.   We have a new inheritance in His Kingdom that is ours if we want it.  This is what I want to testify to you all; our Papa is more merciful than your poor choices and more influential than the letters that are missing behind your name.  He breaks the power of the words others have spoken into your heart and He replaces the years the locusts have stolen, in abundance!  We have not inherited a failing Kingdom with empty promises and dry resources.  Ours is a Kingdom alive with power and possibility, flowing with abundance and every good thing.  He desires to make us all a praise among the nations so that we can fulfil the mandate to disciple them and He is strong and powerful to make it happen – even in the most unlikely of candidates!    I want to say this to you – I don’t care how humble your beginnings, how underprivileged your past, how broken your spirit – God is in the business of redemption, and Love will make a way where there appears to be no way.  May your hearts take courage and be filled with hope this morning, God WINS!

My prayer for this community that we would have the faith to inherit the promises of God and the courage to live where we belong – in the promised land.