i do love the community of believers  E-mail
Grant Flaum | 12 August 2013

Sunday morning gatherings are such a highlight for so many of us. I recently came across this Facebook post by Kris Vallotton, a Bethel leader and great influence at Central Parks. Here he is articulating some of what he loves about local church:

'I do love the community of Believers. I love discipleship, covenant relationships, and leadership.

I love it when more mature Believers teach and train younger Believers. I think Believers gathering together for corporate worship is so powerful. I love the tribal sense of large gathering of Believers where there is honor, elders, and a vision to change the world together.

I love the energy and passion of thousands of radical lovers of Jesus all congregating together to seek The Lord with reckless abandon.

I especially like to watch as everyone finds their place in the Body, serving one another with their special gifts and seeing people discover joy and freedom.

These are some of my favorite expressions of the Body of Christ, (although there are many other forms I enjoy also).'

Come be part of what God is doing in our midst as a called people. Called to change this beautiful city of Egoli together.